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IronMobile - Ironman Tracker app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 720 ratings )
Sports Health & Fitness
Developer: Take Your Marks
0.99 USD
Current version: 3.32, last update: 9 months ago
First release : 20 Sep 2012
App size: 5.52 Mb

IronMobile is a mobile-friendly IM tracker app, designed specifically for iPhone/iPad. This is not an official Ironman® live results, but a collective effort to help spectator access the live results during Ironman® triathlon on iPhone/iPad, both in full and half distances.

Core features
· IronMobile is Ad-Free and will stay that way. There is no limits on the number of athletes you can follow for each live event.
· You are able to track your favourite athletes during IronMan® 140.6 or 70.3 live events including splits. The past results for most events are available up to 5 years!
· IronMobile provides opportunity to choose & store your favourite athletes on your device for monitoring their results during the event. The results would also be stored on your device for off-line access.
· NEW: Check IronMap tab to access the map of the race for most of the events.

Optional features
· The following features will be enabled upon In App Purchase:
· Push notification (for live events)
· Unit conversion

In App Purchase (optional)
· You can buy a pass (1 year or 1 month) to enable optional features like push notification. The pass is Non-Renewing and you have the option to extend your pass at any time before expiry date, otherwise the pass will expire on expiry date automatically.

Contact Us
· We appreciate your feedbacks. Please reach us by email or on social media.
·· Email:
·· Twitter: @ironmobile
·· FB: ironmobile

Pros and cons of IronMobile - Ironman Tracker app for iPhone and iPad

IronMobile - Ironman Tracker app good for

Elegant design and on time notification for each split. Easy to use and worth every penny buying the push notification.
Better than Ironmans own website. Ive used this software for three years to track my friends.
I have used this for several IM race updates. Seems to be fairly quick and accurate. I like it! Better than Ironman website for ease of tracking multiple athletes.
about a 10 minuet delayed notification from when the athlete crosses their mile marker. Great for tracking multiple athletes. Only big downside is sometimes the app doesnt show the information of a mileage marker and can be worrisome because you may not be sure if someone is injured or the app just skipped the particular mileage marker
Been using this app for 2-3 years now. Its a great app for tracking all IM races - seems faster and a lot less hassle then tracking at the IM website. Its also great for storing results.
You can create a follow a list of athletes on every IM race. Easy and reliable.

Some bad moments

I was at the most recent St George Utah 70.3 watching my boyfriend, and it was so frustrating when over 2 hours went by and there was absolutely no update on his swim stats! We werent sure if he was disqualified or what! It was very disappointing to have to pay for this app. The stats on his bike were delayed over 40 min after his transition and the run didnt even record his stats until the next day!!! I would not recommend this app to anyone wanting to know play by play. It made meeting him at the transition points blinding!!! And I nearly missed his bike transition! This made photo ops next to impossible!! Never again will I use this app!!!
This is really a great app... If it only worked! The first half of the race it works pretty well but towards the end of the ride it just stops updating for about 4 hours. Its very frustrating, will be looking for other apps, I wont mind paying as long as they work!
Athletes that I know are racing are missing and happens way too often. Very frustrating.
The bike results for the Ironman athlete Im tracking still only one of 4 split times for the bike ride (now finished 2 hours ago) and the ironman website shows 2 split times for the run. Pretty worthless.
Extremely slow to update and even once it does data is incorrect most of the time (wrong distance on splits or completely missing as an example) To be fair this is probably not an app problem as a backend issue.
Terrible app. Doesnt work. Paid for notifications and doesnt recognize that payment was made. Wont track athletes. Not live. Complete waste.

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