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Get your app together. The worst and most inconsistent tracking app out there.

App does not work

Followed directions, paid my subscription and logged in. I was still not able to track athletes.

Very helpful app.

2016 - Used it to track a friend and her competition at IMWI. I thought it was well worth the moola. 2017- Not sure what the deal is but I just paid and nothing is working and a huge waste of time. I won't Be getting this app again.

The worst tracker app.

Does not load information. Always something wrong. I want my money back.

Did not work.

This might not work when you want it to. Search wouldn't find any athlete in 2017 Lake Placid. I uninstalled and re-installed and still didn't work. I could find previous races but didn't work for a race that was very important to me.


I'm very disappointed in this app. I wasn't able to track any of my athletes during their race. When data was available, it was way behind. Using the Ironman webpage is easier, and doesn't require an app purchase and then a subscription purchase.

Doesn't work

Doesn't work anymore or load names correctly.


Was hoping this app would allow me to track where my athlete was located on the track. It can not do this, the data was slow, and sometimes not available. The app still showed my athlete had two more check stations to pass before the finish. I got a call from the rest of our group that the athlete had already passed the finish line, while I was out on the course looking for them. I will not use this app again, and I do not recommend. This will not allow you to accurately track your athlete in a timely manner.

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GreT app

I use to get accurate information as quickly as from the official IM site. Today tracking friend in Boulder & hasn't updated from swim. What's happened? I see several recent complaints.

What's going on?

This app used to be really good. I'm actually using ironman site to track. That's saying a ton. Let's get this app updated.

Terrible App

Shows racers riding there bikes anywhere from 40mph to 143 mph. Split Times are not correct with mileage. The app is not worth using.


Save your money. Results are on the race website and i am still waiting on this app.

One star too many

Trying to track IM WI 70.3 and website says athletes I'm tracking have bee out of the water for over an hour and times are still not updating!!! Perfect connection on my mobile device sitting in my living room. I remember this working perfectly last year. What have you done to screw this up IronMobile???

Worst tracking app out there

I've been using this app for 3 years now and for each race I've followed, it's never worked properly in one aspect or another. Times are often delayed and pacing calculations wrong. One race was a 70.3 but it displayed splits as if it were a full ironman. I even added an athlete only to have a different athletes information displayed.

This App Is Terrible

Doesn't update on time. Good luck tracking an athlete with this


The app is no longer updating. Totally useless


My sister finished her Half Iron Man 1230pm It's now 1640 and still have not been notified she of her run splits

Did not get the job done.

I used this app 2 yrs ago when my son did the Ironman in The Woodlands and do not remember there being a problem. Today we were in Chattanooga for the 70.3. He finished 3 hrs ago and it still has updated. The last update was .3 miles in the run. I would say I want my money back. But maybe you should just keep it and get this app fixed before we head to Arizona in Nov. My husband followed him thru the Ironman website and had no problems with tracking. Do not spend your money on this app!

Good when it works

Major delay today for Chattanooga 70.3. Everyone finished and the app hasn't shown any updates in 3 hours. Not sure what the problem is, but not worth spending money on something that doesn't work.

App is slow to update

I was hoping for the perfect app to enable reliable updates for my son's Ironman competitions that I am not able to attend. This app is not the one, it is slow to update as is IMTrackr plus they ask you to pay for a subscription for various services. The best app I have found so far that offers reliable updates is IMTrk.

Ironman Gulf Coast

App didn't work. Zero data. Plus, it has splits for a full, this is a 70.3. 🙄 Waste of $0.99.

Nothing special

Update: Managed to try premium, the only good feature was ability to change units because notifications are not good at all. As other say, This is kind of the best app for this, but is very slow and updates have random delays. Keep free version. Still 3 stars. Previous: You get same updates (exactly) as IM website (mobile and desktop versions) and as some one said, it won't recognize upgrades paid. 3 stars... If you stick with free version and don't expect much, all will be ok.

Best I've found by slow

This is the best app I've found so far. There were some periods when there were no updates for a few hrs. When it posted it seemed to be 10-30 min behind.

Great ap

Great app love it

Great App!

This is a great app! They fill in where IM is missing.

Love it

Great way to track athletes Love that it keeps previous years

Not bad

Need to switch mph/Km's depending on where there race is being held

Awesome IM tracker

Best one out there. Love the filtering capabilities by distance and geographies. And can also see race data year on year for improvements!

Favorite Tracker

With multiple tracker choices, IronMobile will let you track multiple athletes and races without paying extra. It's easy to read and all accuracy is based on what IM relays. For those complaining about IMNC, Ironman's site was down for a good portion of the 70.3 tracking. This app had no control over IM's server.

Lousy App

Like Jeff, 1 star because I could not rate it lower. Purchased the app to follow a racer in the same IMNC70.3. Completely worthless.

Because I can't give it a lower rating

Downloaded this app to track my brother at IMNC70.3. It didn't work - the IM site was down the whole time and completely unusable. This was a wasted purchase! You would think that IronMan would be this great brand that had their act together. Well, they're not. In talking to contractors at this race, I learned that these types of problems are a regular problem at EVERY race. They double the entrance fees. You'd think they be a better organization. In the end, I guess they're just about the money.

Terrible app

Don't waste your.99 worthless app


I've been using this app to track friends racing various ironmans monthly and never once had an issue. Even when the race cancelled the swim, they still tracked the bike and run. Plus the one time fee is awesome, I hate paying bills and having to renew so i highly recommend. Thank you IronMobile.

Worked brilliantly

Used the app following multiple athletes in Asia for 2 events and it worked well. The adding of the events (past) took one email and was quickly added. Great support experience.

Best app to follow IM races

You can create a follow a list of athletes on every IM race. Easy and reliable.

Terrible App

I have tracked many athletes in many races for several years, well, attempted to track. Not once has this app worked correctly. It does not update in a timely manner and about 90% of the times, will skip splits. This leaves you wondering if the person is still racing. Then, it will jump ahead so if you aren't careful, you're under the impression your athlete rode 70 miles in 20 minutes. Since Ironman has become so money driven, it would be nice if they would consider charging a dollar or two and pay someone to make their app work. This is people's lifeline for their loved runs who pay a lot of money to race, they should at least be able to see that they are still okay.

Better than

Best option for tracking ironman

Great app and a go to for tracking live and keeping results

Been using this app for 2-3 years now. It's a great app for tracking all IM races - seems faster and a lot less hassle then tracking at the IM website. It's also great for storing results.

Works great!

No issues. Easy to figure out after playing with it.

Not worth it

This app does not provide updates on time and I have found it to be a complete waste of money.

Iron Mobile App

Terrible app. Doesn't work. Paid for notifications and doesn't recognize that payment was made. Won't track athletes. Not live. Complete waste.

Tech Fail

Extremely slow to update and even once it does data is incorrect most of the time (wrong distance on splits or completely missing as an example) To be fair this is probably not an app problem as a backend issue.

Very slow to update

The bike results for the Ironman athlete I'm tracking still only one of 4 split times for the bike ride (now finished 2 hours ago) and the ironman website shows 2 split times for the run. Pretty worthless.

Too Much Missing

Athletes that I know are racing are missing and happens way too often. Very frustrating.

Stops updating halfway through

This is really a great app... If it only worked! The first half of the race it works pretty well but towards the end of the ride it just stops updating for about 4 hours. It's very frustrating, will be looking for other apps, I won't mind paying as long as they work!

pretty good

about a 10 minuet delayed notification from when the athlete crosses their mile marker. Great for tracking multiple athletes. Only big downside is sometimes the app doesn't show the information of a mileage marker and can be worrisome because you may not be sure if someone is injured or the app just skipped the particular mileage marker


I have used this for several IM race updates. Seems to be fairly quick and accurate. I like it! Better than Ironman website for ease of tracking multiple athletes.

Major delayed information

I was at the most recent St George Utah 70.3 watching my boyfriend, and it was so frustrating when over 2 hours went by and there was absolutely no update on his swim stats! We weren't sure if he was disqualified or what! It was very disappointing to have to pay for this app. The stats on his bike were delayed over 40 min after his transition and the run didn't even record his stats until the next day!!! I would not recommend this app to anyone wanting to know play by play. It made meeting him at the transition points blinding!!! And I nearly missed his bike transition! This made photo ops next to impossible!! Never again will I use this app!!!

Great software that works

Better than Ironman's own website. I've used this software for three years to track my friends.

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